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Sydney Water
Sydney Desalination Plant 1800 mm Water Pipeline 18km, & twin 1400mm pipeline under Botany Bay. 8 km hydrostatic testing
Killard Eccavations
Killard Excavations
Spring Farm 1.5 km of DN 10000 MSCL Sintakote pipe, hydrostatic testing
Killard Eccavations BCV NETWORKS ALLIANCE Reticulation 11 and 12 Southern pipe cracking portion 1 2.1 km of 125 mm & 180mm PE pipe, hydrostatic testing
CLM Infrustructure
CLM Infrastructure
The Northern Rd, Oran Park 1.2km of 508SCL, 0.7km of 750DICL, 0.7km of 750DICL 0.78 of 45LDICLHydrostatic Testing
CLM Infastrusture Cobbity Rd, Cobbity 600ml X 2.4 km, Air testing, Ovality Testing & Vacuum Testing


NATA Accreditation No. 14689